GE Zoneline Over 50 years of design experience. They are the industry’s  trusted choice of PTACS, offering the quietest PTAC in the industry. 
Securely connected cloud-based solution supports both wired and wireless devices for all HVAC and lighting applications, giving you fully integrated control of your energy on-site and remotely.
50 Years of Air Humidification
Steam Humidifiers, Generators
& Pressurized Steam Systems
Residential & Commercial Water Source Heat Pumps  (1/2-25 ton) Console Units, Water/Water
Commercial Ductless & Ducted Inverter VRF Systems,
Mini-VRF (3-5-ton) Single Phase
Commercial VRF Heat Pump & Heat Recovery Systems (6-36 tons) Water Source VRF Systems (6-48 tons)
Low Ambient Heat Pump Systems (6-24 tons)
Providing Innovative HVAC product solutions with,
“Mission Critical Equipment”,  “Outdoor Air Equipment”
& “Specialty Comfort Equipment”
Unit Heaters, Duct Heaters, Packaged Air Conditioning
Radiant Heat, Energy Recovery, & Make-up Air Units
Air & water cooled chillers & heat pumps
Total or partial heat recovery & free cooling chillers
Screw chillers, Modular chillers, Inverter chillers
Simultaneous heat/cool, Fan coils & innovative zoning
Heat pump hot water boosters, Chilled beams
Pkg. heat pump & energy recovery unit 100% fresh air
Innovating the highest quality energy recovery equipment Highest efficiency available with DualCore Technology
Durable Corrosion-Proof Cooling Towers
Anti-Microbial HDPE Resin Option
Seamless Double Wall (HDPE) Corrosion Proof
Direct Drive Fan System TE VFD Rated Motors
The leading edge of condensing boiler technology (200,000 - 12 Million btu/hr)